Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Cycling Vacation in Tropical Cairns

Vacations should be a time of relaxation. A time to take a break from the hustle and bustle of normal daily life and ease temporarily into a period of leisure and discovery.
Unfortunately many of us go on vacation only to return exhausted with our rushing around, afraid to miss anything. We jump onto buses,boats and trains to get from attraction A to attraction B, and often miss out on the bits in between.
Cycling gives you the freedom to still get from A to B, but at a pace that encourages more exploration and discovery of your holiday destination. Cycling for leisure in Cairns is an excellent way to get around, and a perfect way to keep fit and healthy following the excesses of holiday eating and drinking.
As mentioned, Cairns is flat and therefore easy to navigate for the casual bicycle rider. Provided you abide by the rules of the road and keep well to the left you will find Cairns a bicycle friendly city. In fact, cycling is being encouraged within the local community too, and the council have supported this with the recent completion of a dedicated cycle way that stretches from The Pier alongside Cairns' swimming lagoon up to the suburb of Aeroglen, close to the international airport. My wife and I regularly cycle this 13 km round trip. From this track you can easily divert to visit Cairns Botanic Gardens and Centenary Lakes that you can also cycle around.
In Cairns it is OK to use the sidewalks for cycling, remembering of course to give way to pedestrians. In addition, most of the roads have a cycle lane to the immediate left of the traffic lanes, so cycling anywhere within the Cairns area can be easily achieved. If you do choose to cycle you will join many others making their way around points of interest in Cairns.
For the more energetic you can go further afield and visit the northern beaches, or out to Copperlode Dam at Lake Morris, or out to Crystal Cascades for a cool freshwater dip after the ride out there. Port Douglas is not beyond reach either, being 70 kms north of Cairns. In early June each year the Airport Adventure Festival stages an Ironman event that includes a 180 km bicycle leg up towards Port Douglas and back. There are also mountain biking tours available if you are into extreme sports.
If you don't take a bicycle with you on vacation you can always hire one for as long as you like. Different bike types are available and prices range from around $20 for a half day up to about $95 for a full seven days. Extra weeks are nominally about $65. What better way to see Cairns at leisure. Three days economy hire will cost you just $45 for the duration.
Finally, bear in mind that you are vulnerable when cycling anywhere in the world, but as long as you respect the road rules and have respect for other users you should enjoy your relaxing cycling vacation in tropical Cairns.

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